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"exceptionally talented" "Her every entrance and exit, and every movement and facial expression on stage, is delightful."

     -David A. Sargent, SunJournal


"powerhouse; [does] not spare your feelings"

     - Antonia Lassar, Theatre Is Easy

"Marlowe Holden [. . .] is luminous in a grounded performance that creates a poignant fulcrum for the madness that surrounds her."

     -Sarah Downs, Front Row Center

"[. . .] impeccable timing, great stamina, and a keen sensibility"

     - Carla Maria Verdino-Sullwold, BroadwayWorld


"[. . .] the cast, which includes Marlowe Holden as Matt’s girlfriend [. . .] is committed, and the play eventually finds its nicely creepy footing."

     -Alexis Soloski, New York Times

"Holden is excellent"

     - Steve Feeney, MaineToday

"Marlowe Holden [...] shined when she briefly took center stage."

     - Michael Giltz, HuffPost

"Marlowe Holden is a talented and charismatic actress."

     - Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene

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